10 Tips to Impress Your Friends with a Perfect Cheese Board for a Party

When it’s time to think about party preparation, many of us do not know what to serve and how to amaze friends for the hundredth time. Fortunately, a cheese platter is always a brilliant idea. It is the easiest but still tastier thing you can make for your dearest guests. The various options of how the platter can look are a great bonus too. We will help you prepare an awesome board in a few steps and share ideas for the party cheese platter. You will be a master after this ultimate guide.

1. Choose the right board

Everything starts with the right board. Wood is a classic choice for the board. Choose the hard and nonporous woods that won’t draw moisture out of any food. The bamboo cheese board is the best choice for a party. Such boards are both safe and stylish; therefore, it is a great match. The Royal Craft Wood has an awesome variant of a good bamboo board!

2. Choosing cheese

The first question you may ask is how much cheese you should buy per person for a party plate. Are you planning to do such a platter as an appetizer or as a meal? If you want to make it a snack, you can stop on 3 to 5 different kinds, with each person consuming ¾ to 1 ounce of each. If it is a meal, you must keep in mind that you need to have a 1 ½ ounce per person. Now we need to decide which categories are better to buy when you’re building a platter. What is the best assortment for a party cheese plate? Three or four is a good number to aim for, hitting on several different types. Among the categories you can choose from: firm (Cheddar, Manchego, Asiago); soft (Brie, Queso Fresco, Mozzarella); semisoft (Gouda, Fontina, etc.); and blue (Gorgonzola, Stilton, Roquefort). You can go to a specific shop, and they will help you to pick precisely for your taste.

P.S. Think of a theme. It’s fun to choose only the United States’ cheeses or a specific region of Spain, Italy, or France.

Source: The Independent

3. How to slice cheese

To make your platter look stylish, delicious, and impressive, we will show you how to slice it right. The shape of the wedge is a factor. Here is how it works:

  • Rounds & Squares. Works with Brie and Double Brie; Blue Brie; Camembert; Triple Cream; Soft-Washed Rinds; Reblochon.
  • Block: Cheddar; Fetta; Havarti; Haloumi.
  • Wedges. The right types for this technique are Gorgonzola Styles, Danish Blue, Blue Stilton, Roquefort. A small tip for you: start from the bottom center to the thin to cut blue cheese right.
  • Served in a bowl: Mascarpone; Cottage and Soft Cream Cheeses; Persian Fetta.
  • Pyramid or Cone Shaped. The technique is used for Croton de Chavignol, Goat’s cheese (start slicing from the top center).

4. Add meat

When you selected cheeses for a party, it’s time to add some charcuterie — like cured meats — to the mix. Prosciutto, salami, and chorizo are all great options, and they are widely spread. Therefore, it will be easy to find everything you want at a local grocery store. If you want to go for firmer cheese, go for either thin triangled sized sliced of salami or prosciutto. These two combinations will make an enticing look on your cheeseboard, as it will differentiate the cheese from the other things.

5. Add bread & crackers

You should add baguettes, crostini, and rosemary sea salt crisps to your board! It’s not only will make your cheese platter appetizing but also will help you build a cheese platter rich and impressive. Potato chips are a fun alternative to the classic water crackers. If you have a lot of space on a board and want to fill it, then make a breadstick bouquet. All you need to do is grab a box of breadsticks, break them in half, and toss them into a jar. Perfect!

6. Add nuts and dried fruits

Sweet fruit is a perfect match for salty cheese. Traditionally choose peaches, apples, pears, dried apricots. Everything depends on your taste and goal. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios– all work great on a cheese platter. You can serve them raw or toasted and plain, salted, herbed, spiced, or candied.

Source: Osceola Cheese

7. Add condiments

A good platter is not just beautifully presented or simply delicious – it turns cheese into a pleasant experience. With all the cheeses and cured meats, it’s important to add a little something sweet on the board. Honey or jam is always a better option.

8. Add essentials

To make your cheese platter fancy and convenient for your guests, add small spoons and/or spatulas for your sweet toppings (honey, jellies, and caramels).

Source: Cato Corner Farm

9. Fill empty space

Your cheese platter needs to appear rich, filled with different tastes, textures, and new stuff to try. And to create such an effect, avoid empty spaces fill the empty spaces. They are easy to fill with small clusters of grapes – they don’t just look beautiful, but they are also easy to grab and eat. You can also add some cherry tomatoes (if your platter is more spicy than sweet). They are small enough to fit in empty spaces. The bright red color will look perfect on pictures.

10. Tips for an eye-catching cheese board

Make sure the components you choose span a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Don’t forget to throw in something unexpected to cover space! Examples of non-traditional pairings include red miso, umeboshi plums, dark chocolate, and roasted chickpeas.

Now you know the fundamentals of building the perfect board! We hope our small and simple tips will help you improve skills in creating an ideal cheeseboard. Switch on your imagination and make a fancy platter that will impress everyone!

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