Wedding Venues for your Reception and Civil Ceremony


With your wedding date fast approaching, you are probably looking around for an appropriate wedding venue to solemnize your civil ceremony and hold your reception. This memorable and special life milestone has to be celebrated with a lot of fun and gaiety and you need a nice venue to freeze it all. The venue chosen by you should be aesthetically appealing and fall within your means. Given below are some important considerations that will help you choose the wedding venue of your dreams.

Single or separate spaces for civil ceremony and reception?

Couples prefer to perform all wedding rites and take their marital vows at a civil venue, a church, or a religious place. A separate venue is preferred for the purposes of holding the reception. These days, with cost effectiveness playing a major role in the selection of wedding venues, people are going for a single space for both reception and the civil ceremony. If you filter your search, you can find many such venues that offer both these services to suit your needs and budget alike. As these dual-purpose venues are quite popular, they may have to be booked several months in advance to guarantee their availability.

Popular wedding venues for both services

Such wedding venues are usually available in some of the finest locales in your region. You may like to have your civil ceremony and reception organized at one of your favourite sport clubs, country clubs, hotels, art centres, estates, outdoor gardens, etc. Do remember that the selection of one such venue would be largely dependent on whether you wish to have your reception and civil ceremony indoors or out in the open. Once you have decided on this, it will become easier for you to search for the indoor or outdoor venue of your choice. Along with adhering to your tastes and preferences, the venue chosen by you should also align with your budget.

Cost and time saving wedding venues

The fast-paced lifestyle followed by most couples, along with their loved ones and guests, makes it essential for the wedding rites to be performed with adequate savings of time, money and other resources alike. To aid this cause, it is a good idea to opt for a venue that provides the complete wedding services within a limited budget.

With a little research and planning you can have an extravagant wedding ceremony within your limited budget. For instance, the beautiful and elegant wedding spaces on offer by Crockwellfarm are immaculately designed to make your special day all the more special. You may want to visit their website here to get an instant feel of the venues available for you.

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