Hunt: Showdown Latest News, Trailers, & Release Date

Hunt: Showdown Latest News

We were shocked to learn that Crytek’s Hunt was still in development following a trip through development hell and even more shocked to learn that Hunt: Showdown may just have been the most promising game featured at E3 2017. Describing Hunt is a challenging process, but the game’s basic concept sees three teams of two compete against each other and a level full of enemies in order to claim a bounty on a boss monster. It’s a fascinating mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay that really shines in this recently released full walkthrough of the game’s E3 demo:


Hunt: Showdown Release Date

There is no release date available for Hunt: Showdown at this time, but Crytek has commented that they plan on allowing gamers to play the game early via an early access or beta period. 

Hunt: Showdown Reveal

Way back in 2014, Crytek revealed Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age; a cooperative monster hunting action game that reminded some of Hunter: The Reckoning and similar multiplayer titles. 

Since then…nothing. Crytek hasn’t spoken about the project much in recent years which seemed to indicate that the promising title was simply dead in the water. Given the studio’s recent financial troubles, that assumed result wasn’t really that shocking.

The sudden appearance of a brand new trailer for Hunt is, however, quite shocking:

Hunt, now officially titled Hunt: Showdown, is apparently alive, well, and has been altered in some fairly significant ways. Hunt is no longer a third-person action game as Crytek has converted the title into a first-person experience. The game’s cooperative play seems to have survived the transition, but we now know that the game will revolve around two-player combat as opposed to a four-player experience.

Aside from those brief tidbits, we really don’t know much about Hunt in its current state. That’s a shame when you consider that the game itself looks relatively interesting – we’re always down for period piece monster hunting – and the story of how this game has apparently survived Crytek’s saga of woes is sure to be a fascinating one. 

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