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The latest release from House of Marley is a turntable, the company’s first, appropriately named Stir It Up. The post Now You Can Get a Bob Marley Turntable for Your Reggae LPs appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Meet the super-wireless, super-expensive speaker at the center of your new home theater. The post Review: Sonos Playbase appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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BioLite There are two ways to cook while camping: build a fire and grill burgers or hot dogs, or bring a propane stove and cook plenty more. The former feels like what camping should be, but it takes a while and is unpredictable. The latter gives you more options and is faster, but you have …

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This week: Details about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox, and we get a taste of basketball in VR The post Future Vision appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Google Other than maybe the NSA, nobody knows more about you than Google. It’s got a read on where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re thinking and watching and searching for and chatting with your friends about. Which means nobody should be better equipped to soundtrack every second of your life than Google Play …

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This grill’s burners go to 11, but that’s still not high enough. The post Review: Weber Genesis II LX Grill appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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Beats, which has been making wireless headphones a lot longer than most, knows what it’s doing. In addition to the buds that jam into your ear canals, the Powerbeats3 have big adjustable hooks on both sides that wrap over your ear to keep everything secure, making them insanely comfortable and stable. They pair effortlessly with …

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Depeche Mode is touring the world, everybody’s talking about Star Wars, and Justin Bieber’s wearing drop-crotch pants. The 80s are back, people. But no matter how much you’re channeling the era, your smartphone is a dead giveaway that you’re living in 2017. That is, unless you wrap your iPhone in one of Slickwraps’ new retro …

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Wilderness camping offers a wonderful reprieve from our tech-filled lives. Computer screens and connected commutes give way to mountain-peak sunrises and hikes to secluded lakes. The distance from the rat race is rejuvenating. Then night comes, and technology creeps back in. Propane-powered lanterns barely shed enough light for you to see what you’re eating for …

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Graphics are the future. And Apple’s not leaving the future up to someone else. The post Apple’s Making Its Own GPU to Control Its Own Destiny appeared first on WIRED. Source link

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